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Fringe Dwellers

Pioneer Press writers will be reviewing dozens of shows during this year's Fringe Festival. While traipsing from show to show, they'll have eyes and ears open to notable moments, odd encounters and unusual events. Those observations will be recorded here.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

When's the last time you had to...

...sign a waver to get into a theater? Or take off your shoes and socks before going in? Or seen an entire production take place under the eagle eye of a lifeguard?

All of those things happened in the opening night production of "Depth of the Ocean," one of the Bring Your Own Venue Fringe shows. This one was staged in the swimming pool at the YWCA in downtown Minneapolis.

The waiver basically absolved the "Y" from any harm if an audience member slipped on the tile deck. And, of course, we all no that there are no street shoes on the pool deck. Those of use who had the foresight to wear our Tevas were spared the indignity of appearing bare-footed.

And the kids from Perpetual Motion Theatre Company had to deal with a few things that other Fringe acts didn't. Like, they couldn't really start preparing their watery stage until 15 minutes before the 7:30 curtain, since the lap swimmers could -- and did -- stay in the pool right up until 7:15.

As for the show itself? The review isn't online yet, but it did earn a "Worth Considering" rating. Not a bad effort, but it kind of reminded me of the elephant who can walk on its hind legs: We're all so impressed that he can do it that we don't pay much attention to how well it's done.

-Dominic P. Papatola


Blogger Cindy said...

"Cast of the Stranger" is a must see! My husband and I had the pleasure of experiencing local storyteller Richard Rousseau's new, meandering tale about his quirky Uncle Will tonight at the Rarig Center. His passionate delivery and carefully intersecting bits of storylines that weave into the patterns of an unexpected whole will leave you caring about this eccentric old man that you've never met. Uncle Will, Richard Rousseau and their relationship were a bit, well, odd... entertainingly so! This is an opportunity to enjoy pondering about the detours of life, the unseen connections in the universe, and what really prompted the Rousseaus' trip to California to bring a man they barely knew back to Minnesota. This is a must see! You can find Richard at the U of M Rarig Center Arena on Sunday, August 6 at 4pm; Tuesday, August 8 at 8:30pm; Wednesday, August 9 at 10pm; and Saturday, August 12 at 5:30pm.

1:11 AM  
Blogger PennyBlack said...

My face is still sore from seeing "Johan Santana's Perfect Game" last night. I laughed the entire time! Wrapped in a deceptively simple plot line is a smartly delivered message of hope, that magical things can happen, even in the most mundane of circumstances. That, and it's just outright hilarious. The dialogue is brilliantly written (the kind of writing worth attenmpting to stifle your laughter to hear, as futile as that may be), the physical comedy is genious, and the chemistry between the actors is rare. I'm definitely going to see this one again! Theatre de la Jeune Lune, remaining shows: 8/5 (5:30pm), 8/10 (7pm), 8/12 (8:30pm), 8/13 (2:30pm).

8:05 AM  

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