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Fringe Dwellers

Pioneer Press writers will be reviewing dozens of shows during this year's Fringe Festival. While traipsing from show to show, they'll have eyes and ears open to notable moments, odd encounters and unusual events. Those observations will be recorded here.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

The Streak Continues--Plus, a Sold-Out Warning

I was all set to check out 1926 Pleasant, but the 2:30p.m.
performance was sold out before the clock had struck two. (Here's
your warning: I hear it's a cool show, but it seats only 18 people,
so make a reservation now.)

Anyway, I decided to mosey on over to Intermedia and see another porn
show, since my first, "Watching Porn," had turned out pretty well.
I'm happy to announce that, with "Pomo Looks Like Porno, Deluxe," I
am now 2 for 2. Another "Worth Considering." Not bad at all. I'm
definitely going to go for the Porn Pass next year.

--Carolyn Petrie


Blogger Bill said...


Your review of "Watching porn" seems to have dropped off the main page. Oh, and try again to see 1926 Pleasant: it's really amazing.

10:07 PM  

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