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Fringe Dwellers

Pioneer Press writers will be reviewing dozens of shows during this year's Fringe Festival. While traipsing from show to show, they'll have eyes and ears open to notable moments, odd encounters and unusual events. Those observations will be recorded here.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Raves for the Home Team--plus Potentially Hungover Lady Sighting

Two exciting things happened while I was standing in line for "Viva Venezuela" this afternoon.

1: I saw Possibly Drunk Lady, from last night's "Whoops. Was That Me?" posting. She was wearing an absurdly large and floppy hat, which could have indicated a colossal hangover. Also, when I sat behind her and her partner, all ready to eavesdrop, nothing happened. No chit-chatting and friend-making, like there was last night before "C.V."--again, another indicator of potential morning-after syndrome.

During the show, she was quiet as a mouse--no woo-hooing, no unh-hunhs, no whoooooahs, like last night. So I'm taking all this to mean that she was indeed over-served when first we crossed paths. That would explain her near constant outbursts, which led me to fall into the aforementioned call-and-response trance, causing me to make the egregious error I now so regret. In other words, I now feel confident I can blame her for the whole thing.

2: In other news, a nice couple from Maple Grove at the box office engaged me in a pleasant convo after noticing my "reviewer" pass. When I told them I was stringing for the PiPress, they commenced to gush about how much better the arts coverage is over yonder, across the river. "We live in Maple Grove, and they cover things around us better than the Star Tribune does," they said. Plus, the Nordeast Art Crawl is dear to their hearts, and they said the PP coverage blew the Strib out of the water. I don't have a dog in this fight, so congrats to you and yours, Dom. Somebody out there loves you.

--Carolyn Petrie


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry, she wore that floppy hat, not because she was hungover but because she likes it. She always wears it. Heck, she wore it to a rodeo this summer in Wyoming. Imagine a sea of cowboy hats (they take hats seriously out there), and one big floppy blue hat.

Sorry our conversation wasn't so interesting at Viva Venezuela. We'll try to do better in the future.

But geeze, take responsibility for your own heckling, if you feel guilty about it. You won't always have the floppy-hat lady on whom to blame it.

3:58 PM  
Anonymous Randy F. said...

As far as the comments on arts coverage goes, I say HERE-HERE! It's especially appropriate during the Fringe, where the Pioneer-Press' coverage absolutely TRASHES the competition. Well done, indeed!!

1:09 PM  

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