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Fringe Dwellers

Pioneer Press writers will be reviewing dozens of shows during this year's Fringe Festival. While traipsing from show to show, they'll have eyes and ears open to notable moments, odd encounters and unusual events. Those observations will be recorded here.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Content but Disconnected

Here's one for the "I'm old and cranky" file: Does anybody else miss the old days, when Fringing meant wandering around Loring Park on a beautiful evening on foot, instead of sprinting for the car, cursing road construction and maniacally searching for parking spaces somewhere within a mile of the Theater Garage?

Of course, back during the Loring Days, the Fringe was dead broke, no one ever showed up and
the quality of the shows was craptacular at best. But it was convenient, dangit. And we old cranky people enjoy our convenience.


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